Hi guys,
For 2012, I decided I want to create a new publication each month. Below is a list and links to some of the projects I created.

Dec: A Krampus Christmas card! I'll put it online next Christmas.

Nov: The Mail Gaze: I made 40 collages out of mail people sent me. Check out the entire set.

October: Pansy Boy 2!

Sept: Super art mail out! Lots of original drawings and sketches were sent around the country.

August: I worked on drawings to mail out in September.


June was the debut of Pansy Boy! The start of something...

May I colored a comic originally printed in the anthology, Kids — read all of Made of Sand.

In April, I did a few diary strips and anthology, School Pencil, that was printed in one night with awesome cartoonists Matt Aucoin and Holly Foltz — it is gross, funny and epic.

In March I created PIZZA BOY, a shellxploitation comic for the big boys. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, because this one’s gonna get SAUCY. More info here.

February's comic was Animal Sense, an accordion-style comic made from an 8.5x11" sheet of paper. I used tissue and Japanese paper for this comic, and it folds out into a poster on the back. More info here.

January's comic was Tramp Stamp, and was printed entirely with hand-cut stamps. It's a silent comic about a ticked-off lady, her heart-faced man and an unfortunate tattoo.